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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

My last post of 2018 is to thank you all for your support this year and to wish you a wonderful Christmas and New year! I hope you have a peaceful time with you loved ones. 🎄

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

It’s also a great opportunity to look back at the achievements this year, and if you wish to help, don’t miss the end of the post!

Social Media has really helped reaching more supporters with close to 3700 followers on Instagram, over 1000 on Facebook, and you have been generous with your donations, fundraising, and encouragements, thank you so much ❤️.

Our fundraising efforts focussed on two endangered species: the orangutan and the pangolin. We raised and sent £1247 to support Save Vietnam’s Wildlife (SVW) work in saving the most trafficked mammal in the world. We also raised 48% of our £5525 target so far for the Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) in Borneo for the preparation and release of 4 rehabilitated great apes back to the forrest (the pre-release cage will be reused for other releases so it’s a worthy investment!)

We also sent £380 to Umoya Khulula Wildlife Centre South Africa from a single donation, a new centre that opened in April 2018 and is very busy rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing a number of endemic species. 🐵

There will be new projects in 2019 and they could come very quickly, even before I go to Borneo in February (more on this in another post). But we still have to reach our target for the orangutans at COP. Can you please help?

We have to do more to help wild animals thriving in natural habitat. Reaching our fundraising target quicker is a way to achieve this.

So for those who wish to help, I made a short New Year Wishlist 🎀, it doesn’t always involve making a donation yourself:

- Sign up to for your online shopping to translate in a % given to the charity at no cost to you.

- Or sign up to amazon smile! Same principle…

- Become a regular donor, a perfect gift that would help the charity plan and better support the projects we select. You can donate monthly from your phone or card, as you wish! Click here:

- Fundraise for us, all amounts matter and it is a great opportunity to raise awareness about our work too!

- Volunteer for us, we will need you in 2019! Please contact me with a comment, messenger or email:

I’ve clearly missed Christmas for launching our new merchandise but this will be available in 2019.

I hope you will love our products!

2019 should be a really good year for Wild&Free as I am joined by strong and passionate individuals who will help me with the year planning. I look forward to continuing and making a difference for wildlife, however small, but always with a positive impact.

Love, Geraldine.

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