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Wild & Free - Rehabilitation and Release is a small UK registered charity with big ambition, founded by Geraldine Morelli and registered in October 2014. Here isall the complementary information about the charity, how Wild & Free was founded, what we have achieved so far and who is acting behind the scene!

In May 2014 Geraldine decided to take action after being deeply inspired from her volunteering experiences in South Africa since 2006 at Riverside Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre to help the rehabilitation and reintroduction of Vervet monkeys and Chacma baboons in their native habitat.  She fell in love with the animals and was in total admiration of the incredible work the people running the centre relentlessly do every day of the year for these animals. But she aslo quickly came to realise two big issues...

Wild & Free is a small team of passionate people, genuinely excited to play a role in wildlife conservation to save species and their ecosystem.  Whilst we need to expand our capacity to do more and achieve quicker results, we still want to remain small and approachable, keep the great atmosphere within the team and be able to talk to every individual that supports us.


Project by project, we have raised awareness and funds for the species and centres we support and seen the incredible results that your donations help achieving.

Geraldine has had the opportunity to present Wild & Free through international talks to colleges, conferences and events, to  publish some of the charity work in various articles, interviews and was honoured with some recognition. 

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