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Wild & Free is led by its founder Geraldine Morelli. Over time, the team has grown and each new member is working on a volunteering basis, giving their time for free and bringing their skills to the benefit of the charity. We could not be more grateful for all the help and support these people are giving us.

Whilst I have always loved animals, I had no idea I would want to dedicate my time to wildlife conservation one day. A safari in Kenya in 2005 started a passion for wild animals and a burning desire to try to have an impact, to save them. A year later I volunteered at Riverside Wildlife Rehabilitation centre in South Africa and I discovered two misunderstood primates species, the Chacma baboons and Vervet monkeys that were rescued, rehabilitated and reintroduced back to their native habitat. The work I've done and witnessed, the impact that successful reintroductions have on the species and their ecosystem opened my eyes on this crucial aspect of wildlife conservation that isn't known or talked about enough. From then on, I wanted to be more involved and helped more rehabilitation centres to successfully reintroduce rescued primates back to the wild. I am French and have been living in London since 2000. With an Engineer diploma and a lot of geeky work in the past, I worked as Head of Group Device Marketing for a Telecom company until I started a 9 month sabbatical leave to focus on the charity. I have two adorable young children, another passion for dancing and also more recently wildlife photography. 

Geraldine Morelli

Director and Chair

I am deeply concerned about mankind’s relentless and destructive impact on other species with whom we share this beautiful planet. Wild & Free is playing a small but increasingly key part in supporting the work of local centres spread around the world protect local wildlife and rehabilitate displaced animals back into their natural habitat. It’s is a great cause. I am honoured to be involved and to help guide the Charity’s growth.


I have had a forty year career working in the international telecoms industry latterly in Business Development and M&A.  I hold an MBA from London Business School and several non-Executive Board member roles.

James Cape

Finance Trustee

Hi, I am Rachele, an Italian living in London.

When my good friend Geraldine approached me with her big idea to make a meaningful contribution to wildlife, I had to get involved. This is how I have ended up as a trustee of Wild & Free, a really exciting and rewarding role. By helping to reintroduce animals into their natural habitats, I hope that we will play a part in ensuring there continues to be wildlife for us and future generations to explore - on land, sea and air. It's a great cause, one I am very proud to be a part of.

Rachele Caltagirone


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