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sent to date 05/03/19

this is the amount sent to wildlife centres to support specific projects: 7  primate rescues and releases, a new orphan facility, habitat maintenance project, medical costs. 100% of the funds raised for those projects were sent to the beneficiaries. 

8 species

supported to safely live wild and free through grant making to rehabilitation centres and organisations identified to date as "best practice" for the species they successfully rehabilitate and reintroduce or brouht back from steep decline.

See also the summary of our projects fundraising below

Awareness & Education

  • Growing audience on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

  • Presentation at St Joseph’s Primary school in London to 60 children about wild versus domestic animals, introduction on how African wild animals are adapted to their habitat and participation to a live safari where children asked questions directly to the driver during a safari, February 2015.

  • “An evening about Baboons”, presentation of African primate rehabilitation  with fundraising activities for the release of a Chacma baboon troop, audience ~ 30 people, Central London, February 2015

  • TEDx talk from Founder Geraldine Morelli increasing exposure for the charity, November 2015

  • Wild & Free presentation and fundraising event at Askham Bryan College, audience ~90 people, York, April 2016.

  • Presentation on wildlife conservation, our work and the impact of each individual on wildlife and nature to 70 ecology students with wildlife virtual reality experience at Myerscough College in Preston, November 2016

  • Presentation on wildlife conservation and our current project at Berkshire College for Agriculture, March 2018.

  • Presentation on wildlife conservation and our current project at Godefroy de Bouillon in France, June 2019

  • Presentation on wildlife conservation and our current project atMyerscough College in Preston, June 2019

Projects funding summary

Save Vietnam's Wildlife, Vietnam

Species: Sunda Pangolins
Leader in pangolin conservation
Funds raised and sent: £989.57 
Funds used for:
- performing health check prior to release

Wildtracks, Belize

Species: Yucatan Black Howler Monkeys and Spider monkeys
Survival rate: 95% for howlers, not assessed yet for Spider monkeys

Funds raised and sent: £11,865.76 
Funds used for:
- 3 releases of Yucatan Black Howler monkeys troops (£1,863.59 - 81% funded)

- Primates Rehabilitation (£5502.17 - transfer from private donor)

- Release enclosures for Spider monkey release (£4,500 - 100% target): release due late 2017, delayed to lack of funds.

Nyaru Menteng, Borneo

Species: Bornean orangutans
Survival rate: 92%
Funds raised and sent: £1,508.13
Funds used for:
- New baby house for increasing number of orphaned orangutans

Liga para a Protecção da Natureza (LPN), Portugal

This is a different project as Wild & Free supported LPN to support the habitat of the endangered Iberian Lynx (the most endangered feline species) and Black vultures’ restoration and maintenance.
Species: Iberian Lynx (flagship species)
Survival rate: N/A
Funds raised and sent: £1,238
Funds used for:
- maintenance and monitoring of restored habitat (fences, camera traps)

Riverside Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre (RWRC), South Africa

Species: Vervet Monkeys and Chacma baboons

Survival rate: 98%
Funds raised and sent: £7,863
Funds used for:
- Release of aVervet Monkeys troop (£4,425 - 100% funded)
- Release of a 100+ Chacma baboon troop (£3,300 - 20% contribution)
Note: releases due in 2017 or when the release site meets the dietary requirements currently affected by the drought.

- 8 microchips for new monkey residents (£138)


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