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Geraldine meets the Pangolins in Vietnam

I've just returned from Vietnam as I wanted to visit the wildlife centre Save Vietnam's Wildlife, known to be the leader in pangolin conservation. Wild&Free raised funds for them and there's no better way than giving them in person on your behalf.

When my eyes set on the first pangolin I had ever seen in my life, my emotions were so intense, I couldn't hold my tears. I was completely fascinated by every aspect of their body and already falling in love with this strange looking creature. I was extremely lucky to be participating or witnessing some jobs that the team is doing to save pangolins and other animals at the centre. They are only a small team but their work and impact is impressive!

I know that if everyone could experience what I lived, the world would want to help them. They are absolutely amazing animals, gentle and cute, and I particularly loved their little feet and pink bellies! Watch this video made at SVW and spread the word about pangolins, we need every single person to be involved!

Video by Jonathan Stark.

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