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READY FOR PHASE 2? Save Elephants with bees continues...

After the success of our first project (see below), Wild & Free and AFeWis are going to work together for a second project in Arusha National Park but this time, we need to raise £5500 for 100 beehives.

Can you be part of it?

Read below the fantastic achievement for the first phase of the project , and continue to support us by sponsoring a beehive directly on the online shop . You will receive a sponsorship certificate and when the time comes, photos of your beehive.

Many thanks in advance for your generosity and making a difference to protect African Elephants and local communities in Tanzania.


Thank you all so much for your generous donations to make this first project a success!

Many of you have sponsored a whole beehive or more and were able to choose the name painted on them, whether it was for yourselves, a friend, a family member, even a pet or in memory of a loved one.

The beehives have all been built from scratch, painted then transported and installed at the border of Arusha National Park and the village of Nkwasenga in Tanzania on Tuesday 12th January 2021.

Enjoy some of the photos sent to me by Moses Ryakitimbo, Director of AFeWiS, the organisation working hard on the ground to protect African elephants from the human/wildlife conflict.


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