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Untung's story: from bird cage to tree tops, he deserves it, let's help him!

Untung was discovered alongside Hercules and Antak in appalling conditions at Samarinda Zoo where he was confined to a bird cage. At only 18 months old he was scared and alone. The Orang-utan Appeal UK (OAUK) vet carried out a full health check; he was malnourished and in poor condition and had lost part of two of his fingers. The worst thing was that he was also suffering from Hepatitis B. This meant he had to be separated from the other orangutans but he received the best care possible from COP and OAUK, including treatment for the Hepatitis and after a few months he was declared disease free.

To get Untung used to being around other orangutans he was paired up with a 3 year old male called Pingpong. Their friendship blossomed and they gained confidence from each other.

Photo credit: @COP. Untung on the left and PingPong on the right.

In 2015, Untung along with Pingpong, Hercules, Antak and a number of other orangutans were finally removed from the zoo to begin their new lives at COP Borneo.

Untung is now confident adolescent orangutan who enjoys surveying his surroundings from high in the tree tops. He is just one step away from being released in the wild, let's be the people taking him to that step! Click here to support Untung and the other 5 orang-utans ready to be released. Thank you!

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