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Unyil's story: from a crate to the forest? Only if we help.

Unyil was taken from his mother in the wild when he was a young baby, it is believed that his mother was killed so her baby could be sold as part of the illegal pet trade. The price paid for Unyil was 1.5 Indonesian Rupiah (approximately £80GB).

His owners treated him badly and his home for the first 3 years of his life was a wooden crate measuring 50cm x 50cm x 50cm located next to a toilet.

Photo credit: @COP

Fortunately, COP were alerted to Unyil’s plight andin April 2013, COP’s Ape Crusader team, sponsoredby Orangutan Appeal UK, came to his rescue.

Unyil initially found adapting to his new life very difficult. He had none of the skills his mother would have normally taught him. He had no idea what a tree was or how to climb it. When the staff placed him in a tree for the first time he grabbed on and started crying. However, with lots of time and patience the team at COP Borneo, along with his orangutan friends, have taught him how to live independently in the forest and become a wild orangutan as he was always meant to be.

Until is now waiting to be moving to the last stage prior his release: the quarantine area, to make sure he is free of any disease and healthy before returning to the forest for the rest of his life.

We need your help to make it happen! Please donate what you can here

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