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Novi's story: from being chained on the ground to life high in trees? You can make it happen!

Novi was rescued the Ape Crusader team 3 years ago. He was being held captive in a cramped space underneath a house with a chain tied around his neck to stop him escaping. His only friend was the poacher’s dog. He lived this torturous life for 5 years and still bears the scars that the chain inflicted.

In June 2015 Novi was introduced to the forest and became a pupil at Forest School. Scarred and unsure at first he soon gained confidence and began to master the skills needed for a life in the wild. After only a few months he progressed to the pre-release island where he learnt to survive more independently.

He’s now ready to take his final step to live as a wild orangutan. Please help us make it happen here!

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