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Orangutan campaign launch day!

We have been counting down the days on Social Media until the launch of our campaign to help Unyil, Hercules, Antak, Untung, Novi and Leci to return to the wild, and it is happening today!

Exciting times as you can now all help these beautiful red apes by donating and sharing this campaign widely.

Throughout the campaign, I will be sharing stories about each individual and really think it will be hard not to want be involved. What better reward than knowing you have actively helped giving freedom back to 6 orang-utans who have lived in tiny cages for years or kept in horrendous conditions but thanks to YOU can be safely roaming in the forest of Borneo again.

As always with our projects, 100% of the funds raised for Wild&Free go to the beneficiary, here to COP that are caring for 17 orang-utans in Borneo. Without your help, these orang-utans cannot be released, meaning that others in earlier stage of their rehabilitation journey cannot move onto the next one, and news rescues cannot be done. It is absolutely crucial that we meet our target! We need you and they need you!

Thank you all in advance for your wonderful support as always.

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