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Successful event - Askham Bryan College

It’s already been over a week since our wonderful fundraising event in York, about time for an update!

This event was organised by Kate Morris, an amazingly dedicated and passionate volunteer of the charity, and it was for Wild& Free the most successful fundraising event ever done. My first and biggest thank you has to go to Kate!

We raised a whopping £2900 on the night and 15 potential volunteers shared their details to be contacted and help the charity. To say that the outcome is overwhelming is a complete understatement. Everything went perfectly well and it was a great opportunity to talk to the people in the audience, who showed an incredible support and generosity.

Kate’s speech on the importance of Wildlife Conservation was extremely compelling and poignant, while my speech outlined the mission of the charity, how we work and what we want to achieve. Without the hilarious comedians, soothing jazz band, enthusiastic Dj the evening wouldn’t have been as special, a big thank you to each of them.

A huge thank you also to all the artists who donated a piece of their work for the animal art sale, they all look stunning against the wall and their generosity has touched us very deeply. Thank you also for all the kind donors of raffle prizes, they were fabulous, and to our sponsors, who have made such a big difference in helping us towards the cost of the evening. Please browse through the photos of the evening and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. There will be more photos on the website soon, thank you to our photographer!

All the names of artists, donors and sponsors will be on the website too. My last thank you goes to the Askham Bryan College for letting us have the conference hall as a venue for our event, what a night it was!

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