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Raising awareness to young children at a London school

On Friday 27th February, Geraldine went to her daughter’s school St Joseph’s Primary Catholic School where she presented various topics to two classes in Year 1, 5 to 6 years children.

The presentation addressed the following:

  • Geraldine's volunteering experience at Riverside Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in South Africa and why she kept going back during her holiday to help the people who rescue primates and African wild animals to rehabilitate and release back to the wild,

  • South African wild animals: a naming game with some fun facts about each

  • Finally and very importantly, the difference between wild and domestic animals with a little game presenting a "right" and "wrong" situation that wild animals may be subject to.

The children had their fingers raised the whole time, eager to tell a story or ask a burning question, but in the end, the message was passed. Indeed, a few came to proudly tell Geraldine how and why it was wrong to own a pet monkey, why elephants are not happy in a circus and so on.

Later in the day, Geraldine had arranged for the two classes to participate to a live Safari, organised by WildEarthTV, where children and teachers could ask questions, typed and send directly to the people who passed them onto the driver. The driver repeated the questions and answered them to the surprise of all! For some children, it was some sort of magic, and for the adults, it was seen as a very powerful way to educate children.

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