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Wild&Free is very grateful for the increasing support it has received over the years from individuals, colleges and corporates as we couldn't meet our charitable purpose without you. In addition, we are very proud to announce meaningful collaborations with the following partners who chose to offer a percentage of their profit to the charity. 

Please do check their website and be sure that your purchase will have a direct impact on the animals we protect through our projects.

Ameya's drawings

25% donated to Wild &Free

Ameya Kulkarni is a talented 18 year old amateur artist currently experimenting with different techniques and media. He has a a tremendous love for wildlife and all animals. Ameya is based in Mumbai, India and wanted to contribute to worldwide wildlife conservation, which the cooperation with Wild&Free is bringing to life.

Mahina's Wild Adventures

20% donated to Wild &Free


Mahina Perrot is a dear friend, a wildlife and nature lover, a multi disciplinary person who follows her heart that led her to a truly unique and fascinating life! We met while volunteering in South Africa, and listening to her previous travel stories was truly captivating. I followed her journey since, and reading it in this book brought back memories but there are also lots of twists and turns that I didn't know about! What a griping book. Once thing is guaranteed, you will have finished this book before realising that you started it. And what's more, Mahina decided to generously donate 20% of the book sale's profit to Wild & Free, which she has seen grow over the years, and I am extremely grateful for this. 

Coppa Tee Endangered

10% donated to Wild &Free