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Raising awareness plays a crucial part of any charity work. Wild & Free raises awareness to the public about:

- the causes that bring animals to rehabilitation centres in the first place such as wildlife trade, habitat destruction, poaching and cruelty;

- the respect and importance of keeping wildlife in the wild;

- how technology can be used as an ethical and alternative viewing of wildlife in their natural habitat;

- and of course, our work and passion!

To reach as many people as possible, we have an online and offline presence:

Social media

We regularly share relevant articles and inspiring pictures on:

> Facebook

> Instagram

> Twitter


We organise fundraising events and get supporters to represent the charity during races.

Check our news & events

> Join a race


We come and talk to children at schools and students, adapting to the curriculum they follow. 

> Contact us

We have also prepared a Q&A that provide all you need to know about rehabilitation and release and the way we can help.

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