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Leci's story: locked in a cage at a young age, but now ready to live in the wild. Let's give

Leci was found by a farmer on his fruit farm who then took him home and placed him inside a small wooden cage. COP were informed of the situation and went to the village to rescue him. When they arrived it was clear Leci was afraid of humans and was only used to living in the wild. It is not known was happened to his mother or the true length of time he had been captive. Believed to be around 2 years old the team carefully transported him to the safety of the centre.

Leci arrived at the centre in April 2015. At first he refused to eat food when any humans were near him and would climb high up into the tree and refuse to come down. Over time, Leci began to trust the team and has flourished at forest school. Just 18 months after his arrival he was moved to the pre-release island and is now awaiting his release to back to the wild where he belongs.

Photo credit: @COP

Be part of this incredible journey to give Leci and the other 5 orangutans a second chance by donating here!

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