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Antak's story: from a traumatic life in a zoo to rainforest of Borneo? Let's make it possibl

Antak was being kept at Samarinda zoo. It is not known how he came to be at the zoo or what happened to his mother. He was 5 years old when he was discovered by COP living in squalid conditions in a cage with Hercules and Oki; he regularly ate his own faeces and was in extremely poor health.

Photo credit: @COP

When Antak arrived at COP Borneo he climbing skills were very poor and the staff at Forest School had to work hard to make him climb. It was only when he moved to the pre-release island in December 2015 did his skills really improve and he was able to prove he was ready for release.

Like Unyil, Antak is now waiting for our help so he can be moved to the quarantine area before his final farewell to COP centre and return back to the wild. Please help Antak by donating here.

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