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Our Orangutan appeal gets attention

I met Samantha Lade from Donr on Twitter. She contacted me as after looking at the work we do at Wild&Free, she realised that it is hard for small charities to get a voice in this very busy and competitive sector. I was so grateful for having this opportunity and the timing couldn't be better as I was about to start a new project: raise funds for a quarantine enclosure as the last stage of 6 orang-utans' long rehabilitation journey currently waiting on a pre-release island at the centre COP in Borneo.

The story is beautifully written and this project received such positive attention, that Donr then proposed to set up a crowdfunding campaign for it. Stay tuned for the launch of this campaign, and read more about Unyil's story, one of the 6 orang-utans we're going to help.

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