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We are selected as one of the volunteer Charity for the Spartan Race on the 16th of May and we need

An obstacle race called the Spartan race is planned on the 16th May in North London. As a volunteer charity, we now need to recruit between 10 to 20 volunteers to help on the day!

For each volunteer, the race organisation will give £35, which is fantastic, a free lunch and free parking.

We will need to be at ALLIANZ PARK, north London at 8.30am and be able to leave at approximatively 4pm or before. Could you please spare a few hours for us? Email us so we give you more information or answer any questions you may have.

You can of course, decide to participate to the race itself! It is not counted as a volunteer role, but is a great way to raise funds whilst having (painful) fun! The cost to participate is £35, nearly half the price of the standard cost.

We will gain visibility, a free membership with Run for Charity for 1 year (value £1000) that will guarantee some free places at running or cycling events that our supporters can take part of (UK, France, Spain, Japan, many places around the world) and raise funds for us. This is very exciting and will help to support more animals reintroduction back to the wild!

“The Spartan race is the world’s leading obstacle racing series and the first of its kind to have global rankings. The Spartan sprint races are 15 obstacles over 5k+”.

Read more about the Spartan race.

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