We support wildlife organisations worldwide to rescue, rehabilitate and successfully release wild animals back to their natural habitat, and to protect their home.

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We see it in the media, and then we see it with our own eyes. The consequences of deforestation is shocking, heart-breaking and a reality that cannot be unseen or ignored. Through my recent trips to Indonesia whilst visiting the projects supported by Wild&Free and travelling with my partner, Jonathan, it became clear that without a safe habitat to live in, wildlife doesn’t stand a long term chance. Therefore a more holistic approach is needed to ensure that wild animals are not only rehabilitated and ready to live in the wild, but able to thrive for the foreseeable future, which essentially is the purpose of conservation. 

Jonathan, who lives in the UK channel island of Jersey decided to create the organisation ‘The Size of Jersey’, whose mission is to protect an area of forest the size of the island i.e 11500 ha. The goal is to focus on the reforestation of lost forests through planting, protecting or in some cases purchasing forests in order to ensure their long term survival.

Like Wild&Free, The Size of Jersey works hand in hand with local conservationists because of their strong impact and relatively small funding need. The first project was successfully funded with £1300 to build 3 tree nurseries in Sebangau National Park in Borneo. A new project is launched, and you too can be part ot it now!

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Hello, I'm Geraldine

I founded Wild & Free - Rehabilitation and Release in October 2014 to focus on one crucial aspect of wildlife conservation: their rehabilitation and successful release back to the wild. After several volunteering experiences in South Africa with Vervet Monkeys and Chacma Baboons, I was really inspired by the work that rehabilitation centres do across the globe, and wanted to extend my support to different species and centres that most needed help, often solely relying on voluntary donations to continue their fantastic work.

I have a burning passion for all living things, for the African continent in particular but all places that are home to wildlife and need to be preserved. I strongly believe that the more we learn about different species, the more likely we are to fall in love with them and therefore want to protect them. 

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Tree nursery built in Borneo