We support wildlife organisations worldwide to rescue, rehabilitate and successfully release wild animals back to their natural habitat, and to protect their home.

Save Elephants with Bees - Phase 2!

The success of this project is phenomenal and this is thanks to every single one you who sponsored a beehive and donated. To date, we have raised and sent £4155 to build and install 80 beehives around Arusha National park. Each of you who sponsored a beehive will have their name or a chosen one on the beehive. In fact it turned out to be a wonderful present!


Tanzania lost 60% of their elephants in 5 years between 2009 and 2014, many deaths being caused by poaching or due to the elephant/human conflict.


AFeWis (Alert for Endangered Wildlife Species) is resolving this issue by installing beehives along the borders of National Parks. This way, when elephants approach the National Park boundaries, the disturbed bees attack and elephants simply turn around as they are afraid of bees. Farmers do not need to kill or poison the pachyderms as their crops are now safe from being destroyed. This simple solution has already saved more than 50 elephants lives around Arusha National Park.

Let’s not forget that bees make honey, and this naturally provides a new source of income to the local communities.

We need to raise funds for another 20 beehives to complete the 100 beehives target. Then we will protect another area in Tanzania. You can leave a legacy there, give as a gift to a love one and continue to sponsor a beehive with your name on it on our online shop. Thank you all very much.

African Elephant
African Elephant

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African Elephant
African Elephant

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Become a Wild&Free Warrior!

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Do you want to fight for their survival? You can!

Do you feel that one person cannot really make a difference, that all charities want is monetary donations? We thought of a way to empower you to make a difference and not have to donate a penny. How?

Become a Wild & Free warrior, or in other word your favourite animal ambassador. Decide on your own fundraising program using Wild & Free assets such as knowledge, experience, merchandise, administration tools, talk to your own contacts as if you were running your own charity, while being supported by the small and friendly team that we are. You will gain invaluable experience, which is often what volunteer seek and have us to back you up.

Interested? Click the link below to find out more and do not hesitate to contact Geraldine if you want to discuss further.

Want to help but can't donate? Find out what else you can do for us. 


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Hello, I'm Geraldine

I founded Wild & Free - Rehabilitation and Release in October 2014 to focus on one crucial aspect of wildlife conservation: their rehabilitation and successful release back to the wild. After several volunteering experiences in South Africa with Vervet Monkeys and Chacma Baboons, I was really inspired by the work that rehabilitation centres do across the globe, and wanted to extend my support to different species and centres that most needed help, often solely relying on voluntary donations to continue their fantastic work.

I have a burning passion for all living things, for the African continent in particular but all places that are home to wildlife and need to be preserved. I strongly believe that the more we learn about different species, the more likely we are to fall in love with them and therefore want to protect them.