Light grey children Hoodie - Black image and text at the front - Black logo on right sleeve.

The elephant was drawn by artist Alex Sawyer based on photos of Salma, the baby elephant featured in the campaign.

Elephant Hoodie (child)

  • Alex has always drawn and doodled as a hobby. His paid profession is as a lecturer in Animal Studies at a college in North West England, where he teaches subjects such as Anatomy & Physiology, and Biology. This can be seen in the transfer of anatomical detail into his work, which spans a variety of mediums, but is predominantly ink and watercolour. His interest in the natural world and capturing it in his art started from a young age, and has flowed through into adulthood. His artwork focuses mainly on drawing animals, and centres on detail and accuracy, as well as capturing the behaviour and characteristics of the subjects.

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    Facebook: Alex Sawyer Art