We support wildlife organisations worldwide to rescue, rehabilitate and successfully release wild animals back to their natural habitat, and to protect their home.

Remembering Salma...

The story of Salma has touched the hearts of thousands people all over the world and the recent news of her passing on the 7th of February has broken them. 

Back in June 2019, Salma, a one year old baby Sumatran elephant was found in a hole in the forest of the Leuser Ecosystem, North Sumatra, with her left front foot trapped in a poachers snare. Her family had left her but luckily the Conservation Response Unit (CRU) of FKL rescued her and brought her to their field station to rehabilitate her. 

I met Salma 3 weeks after her rescue and felt incredibly sad for her, but I was filled with the hope that she would be returned to her family after getting stronger. Seeing CRU team in their daily mission to protect endangered Sumatran wildlife and their home was very inspiring and their efficiency truly impressive. I decided that Wild & Free would raise funds to support them in their work, and in particular to return Salma to her family in the forest.

This was the most successful campaign from Wild&Free, yet the ultimate goal will never happen. Salma's passing cannot be vain and we have the duty to protect her family, species as a whole continue to support the people on the ground who tirelessly work to protect Sumatran elephants and the Leuser Ecosystem. This is the last place on Earth home to Sumatran elephants orangutans, rhinos and tigers too.

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Are you also an enthusiastic adventurer who wants to travel to some of the most beautiful places in Africa while giving back? 


Then you might be interested in this new partnership between the Blue Sky Society Trust and Wild & Free. 

I was very lucky to meet the founder of Blue Sky Society Trust in January 2020, Carla Geyser, who is passionate about Africa, adventures and giving back to local communities and wildlife conservation. Carla leads expeditions called ‘Journey with purpose’ herself and includes a donation in the price to a chosen local organisation. During the expedition, you will travel off the beaten track and visit the project funds have been raised for. 

In addition, if you decide to book an expedition and tell Carla / her team that you discovered it via Wild & Free or Geraldine Morelli, a donation will be sent to Wild&Free to support our wildlife conservations projects.


The next trips are depart in May, June and July 2020 and have a limited number of 10 travellers, so make sure you secure your place!

I am very excited about this partnership and hope that you will embark on this unique adventure to double your impact for wildlife conservation worldwide. 


Read more about the available expeditions on our blog and Blue Sky’s website for more details.


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We wanted to find a new easier way to help our community regularly support us, so we got in touch with our partner donr who are always creating new innovative tech solutions to help charities. We are one of the first charities to use their Digital Regular Giving pages which allow supporters to make a regular donation using only their mobile number, as well as their card and ApplePay and Google Pay. 

Hello, I'm Geraldine

I founded Wild & Free - Rehabilitation and Release in October 2014 to focus on one crucial aspect of wildlife conservation: their rehabilitation and successful release back to the wild. After several volunteering experiences in South Africa with Vervet Monkeys and Chacma Baboons, I was really inspired by the work that rehabilitation centres do across the globe, and wanted to extend my support to different species and centres that most needed help, often solely relying on voluntary donations to continue their fantastic work.

I have a burning passion for all living things, for the African continent in particular but all places that are home to wildlife and need to be preserved. I strongly believe that the more we learn about different species, the more likely we are to fall in love with them and therefore want to protect them. 

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